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An attractive way to learn, laugh and share with children in the car, stimulating creativity, conversation, observation, memory and gaining knowledge. By Raizfutura Apps. ●Friendly animals present us different games to play on routes within the city, on vacation or weekends. A different proposal that invites us to look beyond the screen, use the imagination, meet and share, which contributes to strengthening the bonds between parents and children, among siblings, friends and companions. ●Adults can participate by orientating the games and motivating curiosity and creativity in the little ones, helping them improve their vocabulary, language skills, memory, observation, concentration and the ability to work in teams. ●The minimum number of players is two. A child and the driver! ●The application can be read or the instruction can be listened out loud. Also, a score system is deployed to assign points for each player, and a timer to control the time if needed or if it seems appropriate according to the player’s age. ●Available in English and Spanish according the language settings of your device. A must in apps for kids and for adults who want to share on a fun trip. Are we ready? Let’s play!